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We connect you with the highest quality brand names from around the world at the best price we can possibly offer

Gigaddy Gifts Company are dedicated to supplying you the shopper with a one stop shop to get ideas and purchase gifts for all the family no matter the age. Whether its family or friends you’re buying for, you will find a perfect gift right here. All products are sought and supplied to us within the European Union which guarantees delivery within 4 to 8 working days. We aim to supply gifts ranging in price from €10.00 to €5,000.00 from Boss to Prada and LG to Samsung. We supply products from all over Europe with over 1,000 different Brand names. Our Categories range from Homeware to Cosmetics, Clothing to Jewelry. Don’t be surprised to see the best brands in Face Creams, Watches, Perfumes, Sunglasses and Handbags and If we don’t have it just ask and we’ll get it.

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